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We use the most relevant acquisition channels to generate quality leads with the best return on investment "ROI": emailing, SMS, telemarketing, social networks, seo ,Google Ads, Native Ads ... Drain qualified traffic to your site and collect "useful leads" directly exploitable in your CRM. Thanks to our tracking tools, we measure your acquisition cost by collection source and constantly optimize the choice of sources to achieve your objectives.

Collect qualified leads and generate new customers.

Responsive design, optimized deliverability and speed of execution.


We design quality advertising creations for you (emails, banners, landing pages...) that fit all PC, tablet and mobile screen sizes. Our graphic designers enhance your brand and your offers, while maximizing the potential of clicks to your site. For your emails, our HTML integration experts guarantee the application of the best practices recommended by the different webmails of the market.


A database evolves over time: some contacts delete their mailboxes, other emails are misspelled and therefore invalid, and others are converted to spamtrap addresses by anti-spam filters from email box providers.

Good regular hygiene is required! We assess your emails with our mega databases of "blacklisted" addresses and "bounces" as well as our algorithms that detect the non-existent domains and test each email. This service is a turnkey solution; we take care of everything and we deliver complete reporting with a clear status on the possible use for each email address.

Eliminate spamtraps, reduce routing costs and improve your e-reputation.

Audit of your databases, team training and deliverability assistance.


Emailing is the most economical and effective way to establish an ongoing relationship with your customers. With the development of your prospective databases, sendout volumes take off, and the emailing then stops being simple to manage. Independent of the Emailing Service Providers, we assist you in managing this transition; an audit of your marketing practices, statistical analysis, data protection consulting - GDPR, training of your team, shipping and segmentation strategy, support and emergency assistance ("deliverability hotline").

We can also take care of the entire operational "newsletter" to relieve your team of technical tasks and allow you to benefit from the expertise of a dedicated and experienced Traffic Manager.


You are an advertiser and you want to spread widely your acquisition campaigns to more than 650 European and international affiliates, including an exclusive network of more than 40 million emails.

You are an editor and you want to reference your advertising spaces and your email database to enjoy premium campaigns.

Kontiki Media puts its affiliate platform at your disposal and our team of experts. We offer a turnkey service, safe and controlled (anti-fraud system), in compliance with the General Regulations on Data Protection.

Premium technology, GDPR affiliate network and one stop shop.

Take full advantage of our experience as an emailing&SMS agency and build up a substantial and regular net margin.


Our advertising company promotes and enhances your BtoB or BtoC email databases with advertisers in the market with a "full service" approach, meaning you don't have to do anything. Everything is taken care of by us: the secure integration of your data into our platform, the cleaning of emails, the choice of campaigns with a dedicated and experienced traffic manager, deliverability, billing and cash collection.

We monetize European bases (France, Italy, UK, Sweden ....) and beyond (US, Brazil, Australia ...). With more than 90 bases in management and 3000 campaigns a year, our know-how is at your service.